Online Casinos Pay You More

It has often being observed that online casinos pay more to the online casino enthusiasts rather than the land based casinos. If you go only by the odds, you would be tempted to say that the players stand an equal chance of winning at either type of casinos, be it online casino or the land based ones. All the reputed establishments have 95 percent pay out record (and sometimes better) for the gamblers.

Some players suggest they have a better chance of winning at online casinos than they have at Las Vegas though these might be individual opinions only. Even veterans agree playing from a comfortable environment such as your home creates relaxed environments which in turn produces better performance from the players. Those who make all the effort of spending on gas and travelling all the way to the Las Vegas casino are under tremendous pressure to play whether they are winning or not.

Because of more comfort and relaxed environment, the online casino players make less errors and better decisions. If you keep making small errors, as a combination these become compounded errors which increase the house advantage against the players. Have you ever wondered why didn't you ever find a clock inside a casino? Simply put, the land based casinos want you to stay there as long as possible because in such a scenario, the house advantage will catch up with you sooner than later.

If you are gambling online, chances are you will know when to take a break and you would be able to do that conveniently also. Unlike land based casinos, the games will always be there and you would not have to wait for your turn whenever you decide to come back. Even during the rush hours, online casinos are always running full steam. In land based casinos, there has been a conscious strategy to first fill a table before allowing the game to start. They believe this strategy will prove cost effective for them though this point of view is debatable as there are chances some people will prefer not to wait and would rather leave the casino.

Slot machines on the other hand are available in hordes and they also reflect the current state of economy. Only some time ago some Slot machines were of dollar credit in value whereas now Slot Machines with Nickel and Penny credit have exploded in number. The basics of the Slot machine games however remain the same and the random number generator being used in each of them remains as random as ever.

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